CTYPEAWARDS create opportunities for exceptional designs and advertising creatives.

CTYPEAWARDS was established by COSONE in 2014,

a fashion and beauty creative platform dedicated to commend excellence in design and advertising.

CTYPEAWARDS is committed to providing opportunities for brands and ingenious creatives. CTYPEAWARDS, known as the Oscar’s of the fashion creative field, is an international competition focusing in the field of fashion lifestyle. Our international jury panel is formed by 12 judges from 7 countries and led by Tomaz Mok, the founder of MATCH. All entries are reviewed and judged thoroughly and professionally. CTYPEAWARDS is also one of the few international competitions that awards a $20,000 prize to the platinum winner.


In the past seven years, we have successfully held five awards and received nearly 6,000 entries from 35 countries and regions around the world. Within this period, we presented awards to more than 300 outstanding creatives and creative agencies. The CTYPEAWARDS awards ceremony is held every year, inviting international judges, winners and brands to gather and celebrate the glorious moment. In 2023, CTYPEAWARDS has grown to a platform showcasing all creativity within the beauty, fashion and sustainable sector. By expanding the categories, we invite everyone in the field to join us in promoting the global creative industry to provide more sustainable options.

With more than 2000 creative masters and top creative resources around the world, COSONE offers a full range of creative marketing, brand incubation and investment docking services including customization in brand ecology, R&D, visual hammer creation, content marketing and e-commerce management.


CDILAB is a two-day exclusive course where each session will be tailored to the meet the goals of the selected members. The mentor lineup is composed of international professionals in the sector of brand strategy, current trends, marketing strategy and visual creativity.



if you are interested in joining our team,

please feel free to contact us at career@ctypeawards.com


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Fashion brand creative incubation and investment platform.


A high-end training institution targeting intermediate and high-level executives of head beauty brands.

The course is taught with international design perspectives in mind on how to promote the growth of corporate value.