The 2018CTYPEAWARDS Awards Ceremony

At the end of the COSONE conference, the2018CTYPEAWARDS awards ceremony will officially begin.

The 4th CTYPEAWARDS Asia Pacific Cosmetics CreativityAward was launched on June 25, 2018. After three months of multi-platformcollection, a total of 1,207 valid submissions were received with participantsfrom 18 countries and regions .With aesthetic, creative, innovative, brandvalue, sales data and other dimensions of the selection criteria, a total of 72works won the final award.At the end of the article, there are winning works.)

This year, for the first time, CTYPEAWARDS made onlineproposition WORKSHOP for the Janemua brand by allowing global design resourcesin the form of directed invitations.In addition, for the first time, brandmarketing awards and other single-category awards have been added, and twobrands, CHANDOand INOHERBhave won the award.

2018 CTYPEAWARDS International Panel and Guest

Since the formation of strategicpartners in New York, London, South Korea, Japan, and Singapore, CTYPEWARDS hasbeen increasing its global visibility year by year.The enthusiasm ofoverseas designers for submission has increased significantly this year, and MaWanshan also expressed the hope that CTYPEAWARDS will become a global designerevent in the future.

Chairman of the CTYPEAWARDS International Judge Panel

MATCH Founder


CTYPEAWARDS Co-founder Ma Wanshan and Marketing Director of SASELOMO , Mrs. Xu Lan

Awarding NEO

For the first time, CTYPEAWARDShas made the global design resources online proposition WORKSHOP for theJanemua brand through the form of targeted invitations, and the new knightspirit of the cutting-edge designer NEO - the main creation of the Alluring series has come to the fore, wonthe favor of the brand, won the grand prize, and won the $20,000 bonus.On-siteCTYPEAWARDS international judges Yang Zhenghua and Yingfu Tai Dao Chuan gavetheir recognition to the design work.

Grand Award Works

Eisuke Tachikawa believes that the design accurately conveys thebeauty of women's growing tenacity because of their optimism andself-confidence, eagerness to release, extending brand imprinting to modifiedpackaging, beautiful works with unique styles, and very high product designcompletion.

The Janemua award-winningconceptual design of this year has now been converted into a project forimplementation, which means that CTYPEAWARDS has begun to demonstrate its rolein promoting the vision of local beauty brands.

Ma Wanshan said that in thefuture, the beauty makeup idea will be dominated by the demand side, invitingglobal designers to work with WORKSHOP offline to open up new design patternsand even make an interesting program.As one of the core sections of the COSONE platform,CTYPEAWARDS still carries his vision of promoting China's cosmetics vision andexpanding the international vision of designers.I hope to have more beautybrands to work withCOSONE and win more awards together.

Chairman of the CTYPEAWARDS International Judge Panel:


Awards for CTYPEAWARDS Gold Award Winners

CEO of Shanghai/Guangzhou, Publicis

Mr. Yang Zhenghua

Awards for the CTYPEAWARDS Silver Award Winner

CTYPEAWARDS International Judge:

Eisuke Tachikawa    

CTYPEAWARDS International Judge:

Xu Jun

Awards for the CTYPEAWARDS Copper Award Winner