The Fifth CTYPEAWARDS Ceremony was held in Shanghai 1933 Laochangfang Exhibition Center solemnly on November 16, 2019.


Speech by Mr. Chenghua Yang, CTYPEAWARDS International Jury

The Fifth CTYPEAWARDS, held by COSONE, started the work collection on May 29, 2019, and it ended on September 9 and lasted for 94 days. 926 valid contributions from China, Korea, USA, Sweden, Spain, Russia, Japan, Brazil and other countries and regions, and the works have been comprehensively selected from the dimensions of aesthetics, creativity, innovation, brand value and data of sales volume, etc. 72 pieces of work (excluding WORKSHOP works) were selected for the final round and finally 49 works were awarded. (The awarded works are listed at the end of this article)

A lot of special guests went to the site personally at the prize presentation ceremony at that night, such as Ms. Masa Cui, the founder of Mariedalgar. Pradere Christophe, the Founder and CEO of BETC ASIA/BETC DESIGN. Mr. Chenghua Yang, the CEO of China Area of M&C Saatchi Aeiou. Mr. Xu Jun, the design supervisor of Shanghai Jiahua National Industry Design Center and other representatives of international jury of CTYPEAWARDS, as well as Ms. Wang Shuyang, the Chinese representative of Paris NellyRodi Design Office, Mr. Wu Jinjun, the chief representative of China in London Advertisement Festival and Mr. Zhao Zuoliang, the senior industrial artist and the consultant of Design Committee of Shanghai Package Association.

Besides the awards for the normal competitors, CTYPEAWARDS also prepared a grand prize for the juries in the international jury in the prize presentation this year, and Mr. Zhao Zuoliang awarded “2019 CTYPEAWARDS JUDGE AWARD” to the juries so as to show the gratitude to their tedious work done in the evaluation of CTYPEAWARDS.

Mr. Zhao has worked in the field of cosmetics creativity for more than 50 years, and he said that CTYPEAWARDS does not only mean a competition of creativity for him, but also an inheritance of creativity. All the creativity workers are craftsmen, and they inherit the skill generation by generation; the scientific and technologic progression can only change the tools, and the core of creativity will not be changed forever; a creativity worker should never satisfy with himself and the best creativity is forever the next one.

Mr. Zhao also placed great hopes in the future development of CTYPEAWARDS, and he hopes that CTYPEAWARDS will be more and more mature and internationalized, and becomes the symbolistic completion on cosmetics creativity in the world.

The sponsor disclosed that, the Sixth CTYPEAWARDS in 2020 will be totally revised and upgraded, and the channel for work contribution will be optimized, and it will be more convenient to submit works online; there will be more competition terrains set in more countries, and the international publicity and influence of CTYPEAWARDS will be expanded in a further step in the future, more rights and benefits will be brought to the prized competitor and the auditing to the work copyright will be stricter. What is more, 2020 Prize Presentation Ceremony of CTYPEAWARDS will be held in foreign countries for the first time.

As an authoritative and specialized platform of interaction on cosmetics creativity, CTYPEWARDS hopes that there will be more institutes and designers loving cosmetics participating in the competition and igniting the creativity altogether.

Hou Libin, the president assistance of Biotech and the principal of the department of market of the group and Ma Wanshan, the founder of COSONE awarded prize for the grand prize winner. 

Masa Cui, the international jury of CTYPEAWARDS, awarded prize for the golden prize winner

Chenghua Yang, the international jury of CTYPEAWARDS, awarded prize for the silver prize winner

Christophe, the international jury of CTYPEAWARDS, awarded prize for the bronze prize winner

Wu Jinjun, the representative of China Area of London Advertisement Festival, awarded prize for the award nomination winners